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150 years of Spiritism – The Belief in the Afterlife and Spirit Communication


Helen Duncan, Spiritualist medium

A documentary about the Scottish Spiritualist Medium, Helen Duncan (1897-1956), The video shows clips from World War II as well as reconstructions of Mrs. Duncan’s abilities, revelations and séances of physical mediumship during that time. In 1926, Duncan developed from clairvoyant to medium by offering séances in which she would welcome the spirits of recently deceased persons by emitting ectoplasm from her mouth. A mother of six, she also worked part-time in a bleach factory. As many physical mediums, getting the trust of scientists and other sceptical people is hard and not always fair, as the story of Mrs. Duncan will show you.


‘Apports’ Phenomenon in Physical Circle


Wax-apport in the Felix Physical Circle.
That object came flying from outside of the sitters circle, between two heads and onto the hand of one of the sitters.
In these sequences you can watch the circles first reactions and their enthusiastic reaction while they were exploring the highly mysterious object.


Out-of-body experience | Ud-af-kroppen oplevelse




TG Hamilton’s photos of ectoplasm.


Kai Mügge’s filming of ectoplasm during physical séance 2013


Levitating African Shaman