Spirit of Gordon Hagginson

Audio clip from the Psychical Séance in Newton Abbot, October 2007. This experimental séance was organized by The Zerdin Fellowship.

Gordon Higginson and I have worked together, both in demonstration and on the radio Bush House London for BBC Radio 4. Our path has crossed many times and I had a great respect for him as the NSU National spiritualist union president for many years, until his death. We had many good conversations together.

The last time we met was in London, outside the radio station, where Gordon told me that he has always known about my mediumship; that it was strong and that I could both use mental and psychical mediumship. He asked me to always research and work as I have and not to change.

This was not the first time that I spoke to Gordon Higginson and Lesley Flint. It was in another psychical experimental demonstration and this time Gordon and Lesley Flint reminded me of times we had spoken when we met in London, and they said they were glad to have known both me and my husband Simon.
But they also asked me to never go away from the spiritualist churches in England, because they said that the standard of mediumship was really sad and in decline,  and that the churches was crumbling  under the standard  of pour mediumship and egotism.

They also said that the same goes for Stansted Hall in Stansted, England, the Arthur Findley collage was also in decline and they were frustrated with the college and the teaching. He thought they had gone away from mediumship in its true form.

I have uphold the request  from Gordon Higginson and Lesley Flint and are still working in the Spiritualist churches. I am also researching and taking part in psychical mediumship and have now got a special build séance room in Århus and Helsingør, Denmark, that is in use for development in psychical mediumship.

It was indeed nice to listen to Gordon Higginson and that he still remembers many things that the other sitters in the experimental demonstration did not know about. He told me that I had the gift as he did on many occasions when he was on earth.
At this séance in Devon, I recognized his voice and the way he spoke.