Hauntings Workshop, Sweeden 2014

In this workshop Marion straightens out what is reality and what is not concerning so called hauntings.

After the first episodes of Åndernes Magt in 2000 the amount of haunted houses increased tremendously. Since then it has become popular to perform so called house clearings. But it is not so easy to clear or cleanse a house in an appropriate manner.

What is a haunted house and why is it so popular?

There are many misunderstandings about house clearings and not so many has the real ability to perform them. They are often performed at great costs and the one performing them claims to bring the spirit persons to the light. What light? And why to the light?
The workshop is for you who really want to learn what it really is about and what possession is.
– How does a person or a house become possessed?

- Is it possible to alter the energy in a house, how and why do you do it?

- What is the difference between an energy echoes, energy imprints or a haunting?

- How does one know whether a house or an apartment is haunted?

- How does one discern fantasy from reality?

You will be taught how you can unfold your ability to understand haunted houses and how to work with it in a responsibly way. Not just for you, but to help fellow human beings and the Spirit World.
There will be two instructive days, where you will understand namely when a person is unbalanced and if there perhaps are other causes for the phenomena.
You will get the basic principles for a better understanding of hauntings.

These are some of the topics during the workshop:

  •     Hauntings – Reality or imagination?
  •     How to discover activity in haunted houses, what are the signs?
  •     Energy imprints, Poltergeist, Ghosts, Spirits, Earthbound spirits, what is the     difference?
  •     Rescue circle
  •     Ley lines, Magnetic fields
  •     The history of ancient magic, The Sami people’s methods for protection
  •     Obsession

The workshop will have both lectures and practical exercises in order to understand how to deal with haunted houses. Marion offers private sittings on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th there are

Marion gives a demonstration of her mediumship during our Spiritualist Service on Thursday evening starting at 6.30.

For bookings please email jane@spiritualism.se or phone +46 702 872010