Medium, Anna M. Rasmussen

Anna Melloni Rasmussen
A Danish Physical Medium

A Danish medium born in 1898. Her life took a complete turn when she was 12 years old. Her sprit activities, known as poltergeist activity, was movement of furniture of all forms and shapes from large pianos, settees, tables and so on without here touching any. This went on for some time. Wherever she went things would move and when she became frighten here mother would call Einer Nielsen, who was17 years old, and he warned Anna’s mother not to use, or encourage Anna M. RasmussenAnna’s ability until she was ready.

Unfortunately Anna became ill and therefore frequently had to go to hospital. She, however began to develop here abilities in 1920, and she became a skilled trance medium. Her sprit guide was called Dr. Lazarus.

The work she did was soon noticed and she took part in numerous investigations for research. One of the first investigations was in Germany in Berlin in 1921. For a period of two months she demonstrated her abilities at the Fritz Grunewald laboratory. The results were handed over at the second international congress for physical research in Warsaw.

In 1922 Anna again took part in an experiment for research in Copenhagen under the observation of Professor Christian Winter from the Polytechnic Academy of Copenhagen. Other well-known scientists were also observing, such as Professor Bondorff, Dr. A. Marner and levorotatory director R. Dons.

During the 116 séances conducted, some of them were conducted in bright day light, and the results were e published in Psychic research in 1928. Only one negative result was given.

Anna was known to have great powers, also over long distances. She was the medium that Sven Türck would use for his photographs of table levitations.

Anna was lifted up into the air and spun around in the chair. One time all the objects in Sven Türcks lab in Copenhagen were moving around on their own, cups and sources danced around as Anna was taken around the room in here chairs follow by the other chairs.

One day she was not able to be present in the lab. Unfortunately Sven Türck had invited guests to take part in the séance to witness the phenomena’s, but of course nothing happened, so Sven Türck rang here. Anna was about 500 kilometers from Copenhagen, but Sven asks her to help. She said ok, and immediately the séance was filled with noises from rapping’s from the floor to the sealing, the table rose into the air and objects flew around. This lasted for about one hour and then it disappeared as suddenly as it began.  Anna was a remarkable lady.


I am in the process of writing a book about Einer Nielsen, Anna Mellonie Rasmussen and Sven Türck and their involvement in physical phenomena’s. Luckily I’m in procession of their diaries describing their work and their life.