Medium, Einer Nielsen

Einer Nielsen
A Danish Physical Medium

Denmark had many good mediums that traveled though out Europe. Einer Nielsen was born in Denmark, in 1894 and he passed over in to the higher life in 1965.

His first public demonstration was in 1911. He stated as a trance medium as young man, and his first demonstrating took place when he was 17 years old. He quickly grew into becoming a physical medium. Einer put himself forward for constant examinations and investigations by the scientific research community.Einer-Nielsen

He was constantly attacked and accused of fraud, particularly from the Christian church. Einer gave many demonstrations in full red light, and he spent a brief spell in prison in 1915 for demonstrating his abilities. A guest, who was invited to take part in a séance, got so offended by what he witnessed that he felt it necessary to contact the police.  What he had witnessed was ungodly he said.

During the rest of his life he worked closely with scientist from many parts of the world. In 1924 he put himself through all sorts of rigorous tests in Reykjavik and sat in front of eminent researchers from the Physical research society of Iceland.

One who reported his demonstration was novelist Einer H. Kvaran. He explained that sometimes two spirit forms simultaneouslyimage copy appeared and that Einer could be seen the whole time. He was also levitated in to the air above the tables. Einer was often seen in full flight above the dinner table and then rested some 3 meters at the other side of the room on top of a piano.

1960 his work was acknowledge in England and he was a special guest of honor of The International Spiritual Federation.

He developed his skills by sitting in a development circle and made some unusual experiments.

Einer’s spirit team transported live animals in to his séance room, and they had full materialization, of relatives from the Sprit world. Relatives of the sitters appeared to be with their living relatives. Spirit would walk and embrace their loved ones, hold their hand and have a talk about the life they shared on earth.

Einer often left the cabinet to stand with a spirit himself. Many of his séances were held in red light.

He also had the most amazing apports ever. 9 large paintings were transported from the ground floor flat, to his flat on the 5 floor during a séance. The gentleman who lived on the ground floor identified all his paintings when the circle went down to his flat, only to find his walls empty from paintings.


I am in the process of writing a book about Einer Nielsen, Anna Mellonie Rasmussen and Sven Türck and their involvement in physical phenomena’s. Luckily I’m in procession of their diaries describing their work and their life.