⊱ (ENG) My website and the purpose of my work

My  work

My traveling and working in the Scandinavia began in 1990 after I, during a séance, received a message from the former very well-known Danish medium Einer Nielsen. He also later on presented himself to me during a séance in Germany.

Einer wanted me to go back to Scandinavia and try to revive the knowledge of spiritualism – both mental and physical medium ship. He told me to share all that I have experienced and learnt during my 43 years of working with, and studying, spiritualism.

Physical medium ship has always been the most interesting part of medium ship for me, and it was indeed during physical séances Einer came to me. He wanted to find his way back home, and in order to prove his true identity to me, he had arranged for me to receive his personal and signed hymnbook, which some time later on was handed to me by a girlfriend of mine, as well as a signed photograph which I got from one of Einer’s  personal friends.

After this I started, mentally, to receive messages from him. He told me that, I would meet his daughter, witch I did, and she gave me the journals from his séances written by the leader of the circle, Rigmor Leppe. Who I’m in the process of writing a book about. It has been an incredible journey.


is to pass on the knowledge and all the wonderful achievements the former physical mediums from Denmark, and indeed Scandinavia stood for, as well as their influence all over the world.


I also want to mention Anna Melloni Rasmussen. Even though she was once accused of cheating during an experiment, she participated in numerous experiments which proved her very strong abilities. The photographer Sven Türck and professor Preben Plum  sat out to prove these gifts. Today I am in possession of many of her personal belongings, and in time I will figure out about her, her life and who she was.


Sven Türck also is a man who deserves to be mentioned. Sven did not have the ability to create physical phenomena’s like levitating tables ect., but his diaries tells us about all the wonderful work he did, in order to document the experiments which took place in Copenhagen during the period of 1930 and 1940. We have found the evidence he photographed and filmed during this time, but in spite of this, the scientists to this day still denies the existence of these.

The task given to me was to go home and reveal all this on my website, and help the Scandinavian people in their search of true spiritualism.

I still work with physical medium ship, I question and investigate what happens in several circles, and I try to find out what is behind the phenomenon’s we experience.

Not everything we see and hear is from the spirit world. Unfortunately fraud still takes place in this line of work. Some mediums try to manipulate results in order to earn money.

To distinguish fraud from the real thing, investigations must be made.


Kind regards,