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Marion Dampier-Jeans.

These books are in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic but unfortunately not available in English yet.




The Scole experiment

Witnessing the Impossible traces every session of the ‘Scole Experimental Group’ over the years, from its foundation and the beginning of The Scole Experiment in 1993 to its very sudden and unexpected ending in November 1998. In all, it follows over 1,000 continuous hours of mediumship and objective Physical Phenomena. The book represents the only true and complete eyewitness account of this unique and pioneering experiment, which pushed the boundaries of psychic research further than ever before at that time, consequently changing the face of physical mediumship and its resulting phenomena for all time. An absolute Must for all serious students of Psychic Research, and of immense interest to the whole of mankind.


Victor Zammit – A laywer presents the evidence for the afterlife

En bog værd at læse. Den giver meget positiv læsning og forståelse, hvor Victor giver et indblik ind i mange ting omkring både mental og fysisk mediumskab. Jeg er selv blevet inviteret til at skrive noget til bogen omkring Ouiji brættet.  Bogen er skrevet så alle kan lære igennem de undersøgelser, Zammit har udført igennem mange år.

Alec Harris / Louie Harris

Alec Harris – The full story of his remarkable physical mediumship

Previously published as They walked Among Us, here in print, after many years, is the full story of how a young man, sceptical of all things psychic, became one of the world’s most brilliant materialisation mediums.
Alec and Louie Harris were married for 46 years, and for 40 of those years, until Alec’s passing in 1974, were devoted to bringing, as the Rev George May says,’hope, comfort and enlightenment to countless people mourning a loved one’.
Louie tells here of the development of trance, direct voice, healing and, after six years’ work with their Spirit team, solid-form materialisations in red light. Included also are wonderful accounts of families reunited across the ‘veil of deat’ and old friends conversing in many languages unknown to Alec.
Nine of the Spirit team are shown in drawings and paintings done by Alec harris in the 1950s and 60s. His son Bradley has affirmed that his father’s hand appeared to be controlled as he drew them and the pictures are as he, Bradley, remembers the Spirit Guides when they materialised.