You cannot ignore the requirements of nature

We are in a physical world even though you are a spiritual being, we have to understand, and your spirit cannot exist without its body, the body being a vehicle made of matter. Therefore our body requires exercise, food, shelter, air and light, and if you get tired then you need to sleep.

If we overstep this earthly conditioning and ignore the well being of the body, you get ill. You will then have to go to the doctor and take your medicine, this will help the body but we have to think about the spirit as a part of the body.

No healer or medium can take over the role of the Doctor, but we can work in Co-operation with the medical profession.

We should do this in co-operation and not aggravate the doctor’s feelings if they don’t understand or will not accept healing or the healers. Spirit insists we work together but not to work blind or argue with them.

Healing is not based on faith as many call it “faith healing”. What dose faith has to do with healing?

We have absent healing where thoughts can be sent without the patient‘s knowledge, by thinking of them you make a link and create a path along which the power of spirit they can travel to reach people who are ill, it just means you have to be available to send these thoughts to those who require healing. Spirit will always co-operate with you.

You will also realize that you have to attain a degree of attunement with your self. With help from spirit, you become attuned and your awareness grows. Healing can be done at any time. All that spirit asks you to do is to do your best. But remember it is not always, possible to cure all the individuals who seek the healer’s aid, and you must never offer a guarantee of a cure.