Circle works

The Development Circle

You first have to ask yourself why you wish to develop mediumship, and what type of mediumship you wish to develop. There are many kind of different developments, and how much a part of your life you would like the mediumship to become?

To develop Mediumship

it is best with a group of people, under the guidance of a qualified teacher, somebody who understands and has worked in the field of communication with spirit. A group of people who meet regularly for the purpose of developing Mediumship, this group is known as a spirit circle or development circle.

There are some ground rules in starting a circle!

1. Finding the right people, who suit the temperament with the other sitters.

2. The teacher should give guidance in understanding the communication, and help to understand the other’s needs in the development circle.

3. The teachers should not develop their own development in the circle.

4. The teachers should at all time take control and guide the students if needed in to trance, healing, philosophy, or other development and should help to understand what is needed in the student’s development to promote the contentment in
sitting with spirit.

What you are sitting for, as a primary importance is that you are a worker for spirit and there has to be a clear understanding that a cooperative effort is involved. As a channel you are expanding and/or extending your consciousness, your mind becomes involved in the process of mediumship, to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon circumstances and conditions. You are working to help spirit, not for a selfish development.

The teacher is as good as she/he has developed her/him self, there has to be a gentleness and an understanding and remember that this could be the first time that the student have contact with spirit, and there will be some difficulty involved here. The teacher have no right to turn their back on a student who needs help; the importance of the teacher is in setting goals to help the students to reach the highest standards through communication and spirit philosophy.

Guides are always involved in your work in any development, you must, therefore, consider the wishes of your guide when learning to be used as an instrument between this world and the next. The guide will attempt to work with you, so you can become more relaxed with each other. The relationship between the student and the guide is to be one of genuine cooperation, your guide is interested in your mediumistic development only and nothing else, remember that.

It is important when you are in the circle to cooperate with the spirit guide and listen to any help your guide will give you. If you have a problem with your mediumship, seek the guidance of the circle leader and, by all means, take a few moments each day to sit in quiet meditation and ask for spirit’s assistance.

When developing, you will receive guidance from your spirit communicator. If you are criticised or corrected by your teacher during the circle you should go home and ask your guide for more understanding in what have been said.

Let your guides assist you in the development of your mediumship but remember, our guides have other things to do besides guide us. Therefore, we must at all time lead our own lives. Many developing mediums fall into the habit of feeling that their guides know everything that is going on with them and start to see spirits every where, and imagining that they can’t live with out the guides every day, they speak, walk, and live with their guides and other spirits. This is nonsense, because we are here on this earth to learn by our selves.

I have known a teacher who tells the student that if they are cold in the back, that means spirit was there touching them, the fact was that the window was open and a draft have given them a cold feeling. It is always important to look for physical causes, and to only attribute to spirit what has been eliminated from other sources. In most cases, the physical explanation is the more likely.

When communication with spirit begins, the spirit communicator has made the initial link with you. Through your Aura and energy field, they begin to draw closer to you. This is felt in many different ways: some cold, some warm, others get pins and needles; some get dizzy, others a pressure on their head

The information which the spirit imparts to your consciousness may not be very clear, because the link is not yet very strong, but will likely become stronger in time. As you learn and pass on each little bit of information, your guide feels more comfortable with you and is consequently, able to draw even closer, and in time will allow additional information to come more clearly.

When the guides in communication maintains as strong and completes a link with you, this is the period in which the real substance of the message is given, and you have learned to accept the message, because you and the spirit friend are as close as you will become during this particular communication. The information comes through quickly and clearly and you learn the way each other works. When the essence of the message is given and the spirit feels satisfied that you have understood all he or she will then begin the withdrawal process. This can take a long time or as we learn this will go quite quickly.

The information that your guides and spirit are windowing you begins to become a little less clear, because the control gradually weakens and the energy fields begin to become separated or close the link. The message should come to a close during this time when you then have to close your self down.

The problem will arise if, the student does not work hard enough to establish a stronger link with the communicator and It is at this point that many developing students encounter difficulty and either stand in complete silence or give up and conclude the message, without offering any tangible evidence or information . They begin to have a feeling of failure. This can be very frustrating, because the worker did not give the spirit communicator the opportunity to get through all the details. There could be many reasons for this failure, it is her that the teacher must help and explain and tell the student what has happened

As a developing medium, you must understand that the initial stage of a message may not be very clear. The spirit guide is still feeling his or her way around and trying to blend with your energy field. At this stage, you must work hard, maintain some form of verbal interaction, and attempt to strengthen the link, as much as you can so that you and the spirit friend can pass onto the next stage of the communication and give more help in your work.

Be brave and give whatever bit you get, subject to the ground rules of sensitivity, so that the communicator will be given the opportunity to draw closer and work with you even more strongly. This is not hard if you have a link. This requires that you work hard and not give up.

Unfortunately, today, students are simply not trained to work hard at their developing and some times the teacher has not enough experiences to run a circle.

Everyone expects instant results. Make me a medium this weekend is the plague of this New Age. You can’t be a medium in 6 weeks. I hear often said that I have read many books so I understand, that is fine but what you have learned is the author’s experiences and not your own. This is why I feel that working with a circle, a good teacher, and your guide’s spirit, are the most effective way to develop.

The golden rule is harmony, harmony, harmony description, communication and trust