⊱ Who I am

I was born in Denmark in 1950. My father was Danish and my mother Norwegian. I relocated to England in 1969.

Spiritualism in Denmark

Spiritualism was not new to the Nordic countries. Denmark had some of the most outstanding mediums tested by scientist from all over Europe, but Spiritua

 lism declined when some of the mediums past away. Their wonderful work was never taken seriously and raised by other mediums. We had many Spiritualist churches and centers in Denmark; We also had news papers and magazines, all devoted to Spirit communication.  We also had labs, where mediums could be tested and where research took place.

Coming to England and working as a medium

marionnyIn 1972 I started to work in the Spiritualist churches in London, England, but many English Spiritualist churches were hostile towards me. They used to choose their mediums that they thought were the best, and not a Scandinavian,19 year old, blond, young girl. I was looked down at. The message was clear and resulted in that I was kicked out of some churches that not agreed to that a young foreign medium should work for spirit in their churches.
I did not learn from circles or in any spiritualist church, but from spirit self, and sat in my own mental and psychical home circles.

I began to work for the spiritualist churches; started in taken cancellation from other English mediums who could not attend their services. I was ok in these churches, there was no danger in this; a few churches saw the potential and the skill I had and these churches gave me a chance. I have worked in these churches ever since and giving back their truth in me and my work.

I was often met with hostility, but then people began to express that it was wonderful to see a breath of fresh air in the churches.

For many years I struggled to be accepted as a foreigner. A young, new medium full of life and that had something to say and could do the work as well as other established English mediums. They were so important to the Spiritualist Churches; even if their mediumship and communication with the Spirits was poor.
I did not give up, but have worked for some 40 years now in many of the National Spiritualist Union’s churches, the Greater World Christian spiritualist churches, and the independent spiritualist temples and halls.

It’s not known to many people from different countries that there are different Spiritualist churches in Great Britten, both Independent spiritualist churches and more religious, and the spiritualist national Union that is the largest organization, so people have a choice.

I am a member of the National Spiritualist Union, this is my choice.
I am promoting the Nordic mediumship and the mediums we had, this have now taken many English churches by storm, to learn of our mediumship, our way of life.

My ability of communication with the spirit world ”Etheric Wavelength” has existed since birth. Being invoked from a small child and remembering in details the stages of development. No medium suddenly remember that they had this ability to sense and communicate with spirit. This is not something one just forget and one day when suddenly it becomes in the media and TV programs they think this is fascinating. Working as a medium is a responsibility, to understand the philosophy, the reason that you serve.

We have to all realize we serve spirit.


In collaboration with the author and journalist Charlotte Kehler I have written the book “Mit liv med ånderne” (“My Life With the Spirits”) published at Borgens forlag in Denmark. It tells the story of my life and about my experiences as a medium. My latest book has also been written in collaboration with the author and journalist Charlotte Kehler ”Stemmer fra en anden verden” (voices from another world) published at Peoples Press Denmark. This book gives answer to many questions, of the about 11.000 emails, I have received. I tell about my own development and how to develop yourself in a responsible way. The book has reached the bestseller list in Denmark.


I have so far taken part in three episodes of the popular documentary-series, “Åndernes Magt” (“Power of the Spirits”) on Danish TV2 Zulu, shown in Norway and Sweden.
Some of my other work has been major TV work in England, America Iceland and Norway. My TV Work has been shown through out the world on” Sightings” Fox TV America.

My travels; representing spiritualism

I have attend on Radio interviews and BBC Radio for Euro, talk shows in Both Denmark Norway and England and expose to the media press in Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. My work has taken me to Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, England, America, Canada, France, and Holland.
I travel many times a year to the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Island and Denmark where my books have been translated to their language.

The Nordic country’s spirituality

My work are very serious demonstrating and lecturing and opening up the old way of ”thinking”. Research is the only way forward and logical approach for the serious investigation into our own philosophy we must be open. Spiritualism was strong for many years in the Nordic country’s, and we had some of the best mediums who sat for investigation in Europe but our mediums and their work, have long been forgotten.
I Have taking the time to demonstrate and  teach the way we did in the past, when spiritualism was at the highest in the Nordic countries, letting the people know that we have a very deep and wonderful spiritual culture, the nature religion “Physical nature“ of Man. We don’t have to look to the eastern countries, because this religion are part of our lands and our souls, we have just forgotten this and have looked ells where.

Private sittings

A lot of my work takes place at home, in my own living room, in the terraced house in Waterloo, London. Here I receive up to three clients a day for private sittings, and they come from all different classes and walks of life, and from every religious belief or organisation.

The spiritualist churches

For the past 40 years I have traveled to – and worked in many Spiritualists churches and organizations all over England.

I have held many services and sermons, demonstrations and workshops, and I’m always happy to serve and teach when and where I can.

The fulfillment of serving the Spirits is a great pleasure, but it’s sad to see the many churches struggling to survive.

We have to take a closer look as to why that is:

We can blame the modern technology and the stressful working life we lead, as well as much interference within the different organizations and lawmakers. Our way of living today does not leave us enough time to develop our new mediums and healers.

Mediums in the past had a calling to serve the churches and set up circles to gather evidence and give proof of a life after death.

Their development was often made by being close to the Spirits, spending time with them and through understanding the difference in being a physic or a medium gave them fulfillment in their cause to serve the Spirits.

Unfortunately there are many “half-baked” mediums taking services only looking for fame rather than serving the cause.

The education and the lack of understanding of what really goes on in a Spiritualist church is quite a different matter.