⊱ (ENG) Practical info

Important informationPlease read this before sending e-mails or posting comments about consultation with me:

The e-mail is intended for you who want to ask general questions about life after death, Spiritism, mediumship and spirituality, not for personal messages about hauntings, lost people etc.
 Please keep in mind that the high volume of mail does not allow me to send everyone an answer. I wish I could help everyone but I receive so many requests daily that it is impossible.

It’s my ambition to reach as many people as I can and I am travelling a lot, giving seminars, workshops and public demonstrations.

You can write to me on: mdjuk@hotmail.com

Spiritualist churches England:

Croydon spiritual church – London Chatsworth Road Croydon Surry

Wimbledon spiritualist church 136 Hartfield Road London SW19 3TJ

Norwich SNU kirke Chapel field North Norwich NR2 1NY

Redding SNU church

Redding York lodge 81 Baker Street Reading RG1 7XY.

Portsmouth temple SNU church 73A Victoria Roan Southsea PO5 2BU