Would you want to see

-or sit in a physical circle if you knew how hard the life of a physical medium really is?
This is of cause the first question you have to ask your self!

Through many years there has been difficulties with physical mediumship. Those who have experienced this wonderful work are blessed to have seen what can be achieved when this is taken seriously through experiments, research and the time to develop.

All physical mediumship is developed with safety in mind – and especially the medium who is developing his/her mediumship through ectoplasm.
Physical mediumship starts with the right sitters, a place of safety for the medium and unselfishness to the development undertaken on the behalf of spirit.
Mediums understood this when they began to develop as it is one of the first things that all physical mediums have been told.

The old mediumship was outstanding and the mediums’ development was slow. There were only few mediums who took this mediumship out from their home circles and in to the public – away from the safety of the circles and the special atmosphere build there.

The mediums who took their mediumship outside their safe environment to demonstrate it for the public have suffered a great deal. Often when this has happen they have plunged in to the hands of dangerous people who want to expose them as frauds and they have no regards for mediums and materialization.
Some people who attend our public meetings have no interest to investigate the truth. Often they have been dissatisfied and not willing to witness the “impossible”; that this form of mediumship could be true, rather than to open up their mind and do proper research to these incredible phenomena without fear and hate for the physical mediums and their work. These types of people often associate fear with evil and want to prove this form of mediumship as fraudulent and non-existing.

In Denmark Einer Nielsen were one of the well-known physical mediums who took his mediumship outside his inhabitant and the safety of his home circle.
Anna Mellonie Rasmussen also took her mediumship outside Sven Türcks’ laboratories in Copenhagen. Both mediums had a rare kind of mediumship and wonderful materialization, but bringing this out amongst people spell danger for both of them.

Einer Nielsen and physical medium Helen Duncan from Scotland spend some time in prison for their work.
Anna M. Rasmussen, Helen Duncan and Einer Nielsen and many other physical mediums suffered for years under these attacks. For years Anne M. Rasmussen was ridiculed by many news papers, broadcasts, theatrical sketches and songs demoralizing her work. It was sad for the mediums and spiritualism and each time it was a devastating blow for the medium and his/her work.

In resent time many physical mediums have been taking their work out to the public and safety issues are once again being questioned. Even if you have seen physical mediumship in some cases today it has become a parlor game. Some people who have attended a physical mediumship séance have described it as entertainment and fun!

We are heading in for a new exposition - but how many knows that this could kill the medium? Grabbing the ectoplasm, light suddenly being turned on, movement from the sitters, also fear sitting in totally darkness.

I was asked a question:
Why does physical mendiums put themselves in that position, to take their work, their safety and life out to the public when they know the dangers??
It is a valid question!

Many people have recently begun to have a interest in physical mediumship. And it is wonderful to see when circles are sat up in the right way and safety. But we live in a world where things have to happen right know and where their own experiences are no longer necessary before they call themselves experts.

In reason years physical mediumship is reaching a height with many new physical mediums travelling to different countries, but after some  time they feel the pressure; that they have to get results as people pay god money to see this phenomena. I have written about the Swedish medium Anders Åkesson and the medium Collin Fry, both was taken as fraudulence physical mediums. Though each medium is different and different reasons was given for why this happened, both mediums took their mediumship outside their circles and they did lots of demonstration within  a different environment , outside their circles and the safety.
Both mediums can only answer what happened, but it is sad for physical mediumship.

But the fact is we are entering another stage of danger.

Let me be very clear and make the following statement: Physical mediumship is not a parlour game, nor is it fun or “the next new interesting thing”. Physical mediumship has fatal consequences for the medium if your approach to this work is anything but serious and if you do not take all the necessary safety precautions, as a sitter and a researcher as well as the medium.

I want to end this with some words from Einer Nielsen about his work:
When I look back and see the many people I have met on my road in life, people from this earth and spirit, It fills my heart with ”thank you”. I have met thousands of people and often they have become my friends for life. But some have only been there for a short time, then they have passed. These people have not had experiences and spirits valid understanding! But they will understand when there die. I thank them all and my spirit guides, for the help and compassion, but my biggest thank you goes to God that have blessed me, my home and my deeds.
-Taken from his book “Mennesker og Ånder”.