Greenlandic mediumship

Here is a little story that illustrates the spiritual Greenland

Greenland The Inuit’s religion is from the nature. They believe that the nature are alive and holds so many secrets and have strength in its power. This strength fills people with fear, but it is through the nature that people can learn. If you look and understand this, you will use this as a protection from bad things. There are many magic spells, and they use amulets and tools for the rituals. They also have drums and do drum dancing like the Nordic Sami.

Inuit woman 1907

Men as well as animals have souls. The human souls continue to live after death precisely in the same manner as the souls of animals. There is a belief in the migration of souls, both between dead and living men, and between men and animals They also believed in that the human soul can be hurt and even destroyed but also be repaired. Their whole visible world is ruled by supernatural powers. They call themselves Inuit which means simply “Man” in their language.

The earth, with the sea supported by it, rests upon pillars, and covers an under world, accessible by various entrances from the sea, as well as from mountain clefts. Above the earth an upper world is found, beyond which the blue sky, being of a solid consistence, vaults itself like an outer shell, and, as some say, revolves around some high mountain-top in the far north. The upper world exhibits a real land with mountains, valleys, and lakes. After death, human souls either go to the upper or to the under world. The latter is decidedly to be preferred, as being warm and rich in food. There are the dwellings of the happy dead called arsissut, those who live in abundance. On the contrary, those who go to the upper world will suffer from cold and famine; and these are called the arssartut, or ball-players, on account of their playing at ball with a walrus-head, which gives rise to the aurora borealis, or Northern lights.

Over many years the Christian believe have taken over the Inuk people believes and there have lived in fear over many years, they have had to hide there ritual tools and the fear put in to them of a vengeful God, the Christian God, this have divided the people.

When I was in Greenland I understood the people and there spiritual need. Some wonderful stories were told to me by elderly Inuk.

Inuit man 1906

One day a family; Grand father, Grand mother, mother and father and their 4 grandchildren went out to pick berries. On the slops that led from the fjord to the hills, there were steep hills. These berries only grew for one month a year as Greenland is covered in snow and ice. This summer day they all went in to a kayak and row on the icy fjord and past many large icebergs. After some time they came to the place of the berries. The whole family with their small pots in their hands to have the berries in, climbed up the steep slops and after one hour of picking they went back to the kayak.
They rowed in to the open fjord when the grandfather asked where his youngest grandchild was! They realized that they had forgotten her and saw here on the slope and tried to shout at here, but they was to far out so she could not hear them. The grandchild just ran and ran and finally she stopped when she came to the edge of the kayak. She picked up the pot that she had left by the boat and jumped in… The hole family was shocked. Here mother turned here up side down to look at here moccasin, to se what was there! She found one strip of water on each moccasin… What had happen was that this little grandchild had run on the water, about 200 m from the land on the cold heavy undercurrent fjord and only stopped when she came to the boat and picked here pot op and jumped in.

I have spoken to the Grandmother, which today is an old lady.

Many stories were told to me, as they said I would understand and I did… These phenomena is something that happen to many Greenlandic people through generations.