The cat that sat in circle

Radar was born 18.8.81. It was many years later that his owner, Val Lundquist, realised that you can spell his name forwards or backwards and it is the same as is his birthdate. Val was Radar’s owner for 19 years. He was a blue point with a wonderful personality. Radar was a full member of our circle for the last six years.

The circle was started by Ms Val Lundquist and was held in her home in South London. The circle was brought together by spirit.
I sat with a good friend, Colin Fry, who is also a physical medium. In an experimental circle I was told by spirit that my boat had come in. I thought this was strange as I had not planned to travel anywhere.

Some months after that message I met Val in a Spiritualist church where I was taking the service. We talked and exchanged telephone numbers. Later Val phoned me to ask if I was interested in starting a physical circle. We met at her house and she took me to the room where the circle would be held. There on a large old trunk was the most beautiful old ship made of wood with the word “Norden” on the side. My boat had come in and we named the circle “Norden” after the ship. The other circle members were brought together by spirit.

Val missed her train to London and sat on the platform waiting for the next train, as did another passenger who became a circle member. A young man went to Val’s door for work and became a member, then the plumber, a healer. They all walked into Val’s 1ife.

The only one Val knew was a friend who she had visited Stansted Hall with for many great lectures, she became a member. The last one was “Radar.”

The first time we sat in the circle Radar pushed his way into the room. We tried unsuccessfully to remove him. He went to a spot on the floor in the corner and sat there. We decided to ask spirit if he was disturbing the circle, the answer was-’not The vibration would blend in and he would be welcome. Radar became a full member of the circle.

Radar had his own corner and Val made him his own chair, water bowl and a luminous band for a collar so we could see him in the dark (a physical circle is held in the dark).

I always went to the circle room half an hour before the circle began, this was to attune myself and I was always accompanied by Radar.

One time I was busy talking with the other circle members and totally forgot the attunement time. Radar sat on the stairs meowing loudly. When I realized this I quickly joined him but I could feel his disappointment that I had forgotten the time.

We went in the room and I sat in the cabinet and Radar went to his own corner where he would lay still. When the others came he would quickly run behind his chair to avoid being trodden on the room was in darkness.

When the circle began we did not sit in meditation but sang jolly songs to raise the vibration When we got to “Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do” Radar would sit up and meow loudly and howl, he loved that particuh song. Marion Dampier-Jeans, was the medium in the cabinet. Rader would never enter the cabinet, then one day I suddenly got a very bad pain in the foot. Radar ran over to the cabinet, licked thi foot, the pain went and we continued with the circle.

We had a lovely little five year old boy called Benjamin Wallace, who visited us from the spirit world. He would come into the circle, quickly say hello to us then he would play with Radar, who would purr with happiness.

Never did spirit enter the room without saying hello and goodby to Radar. Radar was usually the first one each time to detect spirit. If it was of interest to him he would purr, if not, then he would lay down and suddenly snore loudly. We often joked as to whether he was in trance or the real medium. He noticed everything and would meow as if in conversation with spirit. If he was spoken to he felt the coldness, as we all did. He would jump up to Val, but only after letting her know beforehand. If we said we could smell spirit, he would meow to let us know he could also. If we got touched, we said so and when he was touched he would meow. When we directed questions to spirit and each other we would include Radar, as his meow was an important input to the circle.

Radar was a great cat to have in the circle and was appreciated by spirit, they often told us.

I used to speak of Radar when I took a workshop to explain the different understanding and development in a physical or mental circle. People liked hearing about Radar and on my return to Churches people would say “Hi Marion, and how is Radar?”

Radar passed to the higher life on Sunday 6 August 00 after a short illness. We have lost a wonderful member of the Norden circle but spirit has gained a beautiful cat.