Old Danish mediums


Einer Nielsen
was born In Copenhagen, Denmark In 1894, he past away in 1965. 
  His first séance was when he was 17 years old, in psychical mediumship and sat under test control in many places in Europe.
  He worked in the light as well as in the dark.Einer guide was called Mica, she controlled Einer under his séances in most of his circles where he demonstrated full materialisation, independent voice and trance work.

Einer  travelled all over the Nordic country’s delivering his message and took demonstrations in Psychical mediumship.

In the winter of 1915, Einer was put in prison after a demonstration of psychical mediumship and was in prison for some days sitting amongst thieves and other criminals. Einers criminal activities were that he did demonstrations of his psychical work and serving the spirit world. one gentleman who was at his séance was angry, and after the materialisation called the police. The reason was that a piece of material was given as an “apport”. He blamed Einer for bringing spirit through. The man was very religious and he got Einer arrested for producing false spirit under materialization. Einer was suddenly brought back when this man became angry and demanded Einer to lie down on his knees, asking God to forgive him for demonstrating the intelligent forces from the etheric world. Einer had to spent time in a prison cell, but was let out again. No conviction, and evidence that he hade done something wrong. But this religious man felt he had to do Gods work and accuse Einer Nielsen for being non Christian man.

Einer and a materialised spirit.

Einer sat for countless psychical research in many countries and successful was given the green light that he was a authentic medium and gave him self to develop his psychical mediumship. He Started a Danish spiritualist Church in Copenhagen in 1930 and today this is going strong.

In 1965 he became an honouree gust in London. The international spiritualist federation there gave him an honour in the work he hade done for spirit and people in the world.

Einer spend a great deal travelling in the Nordic countries giving demonstrations. Many photographs were taken of him with ectoplasm and he did develop spirit in low light he was never afraid to demonstrate or be tested.

Einers love for music and ballet brought him frequently to the Royal Copenhagen Theatre. He spend time listening and looking at Ballet. He had been told by Mica, his Guide, that one day, when he was happy and his time was over, he would cross over very quick. Einer loved Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake performed by the Royal Danish Ballet. One wonderful evening at the Royal Copenhagen Theatre, Einer was happy, sitting in the balcony and in the second act Einer passed in to his higher life.


Borge Michaelsen was a physical medium. His spiritual controller was a boy called Knud that had died in Copenhagen at the age of twelve. 
Michaelsen attended a whole lot of séances before he assembled a chosen group of people.

Under a séance there where tables dance (table tilting); it spelled sentences that said that physical phenomena occurred due to him, it was necessity that he was present.
It’s told that one of the phenomena that once occurred was in a séance where an apport was done thru the walls, from the apartment next to the one he was in. The object was salt and pepper holder that after some spinning in the room went back thru the wall into where it came from.

The above information of Borge Michaelsen is told in the book ”Jeg var dus med Aanderne” of Sven Türck.


Anna Melloni Rasmussen was born in Denmark. She was one of Denmark’s finest psychical medium. Born in 1898, and past in the late 1970 but here works became known when she was just 12 years of age. Anna began here mediumistic with table lifting, the table was moved and lifted with out here touching it, and many poltergeist phenomena began to take place.

After some time she began to developed telekinesis phenomena;rapping’s, this could come from anywhere around her body or in the room she was in. She develop automatic writings, but she wrote with both hands backwards and blindfolded and you could only read this in a mirror. After some time she began with light phenomena and also to talk in trance. Anna’s guide was called Dr Lazarus. Anna sat with photographer Sven Turck, also a Danish investigator; he wrote a book about his many years’ experiences under his research and tested many mediums.

In October/November 1921, was one of here first investigation, this was By Fritz Grunewaldes laboratory in Berlin. This investigation and the results were given to the international congress for psychical research in Warsaw in 1923.

In 1922 and experiment with Professor Christian Winther, S.D,of the Polytechnic Academy in Copenhagen. There was more scientific Investigation, Professor Bondorff also carried out tests. In both of this test Anna’s was wonderful and accepted.

Anna sat for over 30 researchers in Europe, and one of them was for Harry Price, who him self in his book said, that Anna Mellonie Rasmussen was a real medium and had the gifts.

Annas reversed writing

Harry only complimented two mediums being authentic in their work, one of this was Melloni and another lady medium.

Here is a story, told by a Danish medium, just before he past over, who was a friend with Anna’s and he was with her as this took place. Anna had a window cleaner in her flat in Copenhagen. He stood inside; washing away and Anna went to the kitchen to make coffee when there was a yell from the window cleaner in the living room. In stormed Anna and her friend, only to find the window cleaner pressed in to one of the armchair, but the sofa and her two armchairs hade 
lifted op in the air and switched places in front of the window cleaner. The poor window cleaner was so frighten that he could not move, and never returned to clean her windows.


Emil Carlsen was a clairvoyant medium with heart on trance and psychometric also. His spiritual controller called himself Benedict Munk. Emil became interested in spiritualistic phenomena after witness a table dance (table tilting). This event was in his thirties and later he gathered a group of people to sit with and in one séance he fell in trance.

This was a sign for him to proceed in his seeking. After that he had a dream about issues like this and he was promised that one day a special event would happen. When he was in trance the next time it was fulfilled, he was told that his task should be to explore the spirit world and to prove the existence of the afterlife. He continued his work in an experimental circle to mention one and had also a lot of out of body experiences.

The above information of Emil Carlsen is told in the book ”Jeg var dus med Aanderne” av Sven Türck.