Nordic mediumship

Out of the dark into the light

The Norden circle.
I have investigated many of these phenomena’s in the Nordic countries, where mediums sat in the light, in -and outside, in the open, where much of the phenomena occurred. This still happens today in the northern part of North Norway, North Sweden, North Finland and Greenland. The Sámi people are a spiritual race and so is the Greenlandic people, dealing with the natural nature of phenomena.

In my own circle in South London, England we had phenomena that happened after we had been sitting for one year. This made us think and in a mood for answers we had the opportunity to ask Einer Nielsen for a explanation when he came through in our séance room why things had to change in physical circle and why we, in our circle, want to move into the light.
Val said “he’s on my lap”. I started to explain what I was now observing, this illuminated, colored, oval shape floating around the cabinet, diving in and out under the chair and hovering around, when it then vanished into the ground.
Some time later we were given an explanation that the scientist and chemist from the spirit world were experimenting with a new way of physical mediumship, taking the darkness out of the séance and giving a new light for spirit to materialize into this sphere of luminosity. continue to write this article I would like to introduce my leader of the circle Val Lindquist, I felt completely safe in her leadership. All our sitters, including my son Jerome who started sitting for me when he was 16, had a positive attitude when sitting for spirit.
Val was the owner of a cat call Radar, he was a Siamese cat and from the moment we started sitting he was part of the circle. With his own place on the floor in his basket, Radar had an illuminating collar around his neck, so we could see him walk around the circle.
After a year or so of sitting, one day in the cabinet, I got a tap on my head, it made me a little unsettled and I could not get settled and was now wide awake. I found myself looking down at the floor with both eyes open and I observed a yellow, illuminated, oval shaped light was floating above but near the floor. I immediately asked the circle where Radar is, the cat, as I thought he was in the cabinet with his luminous collar.

We were also told that spirit were concerned by the injuries some mediums have received and in some cases have died, by using the spirit substance ectoplasm and these spirit helpers would not be part of this in the future. They now wished to use this new light in physical mediumship today and they called this new light, the illumination, which allowed spirit communicators to cloak themselves in this light; it was not harmful to them, the sitters or the medium. Everybody would see spirit in the dark séance room as the light would illuminate spirit, so they could materialise in this illumination and disappear quickly by sinking into the ground, if there was disturbance or danger in the room. This illumination would just vibrate into the floor and not withdraw back into the medium or sitters. Einer Nielsen emphasised the importance of safety above everything else.
Our controller told us that this has happened before, in another circle in the past, where they had experimented with these lights for many years. Spirit went on to say that in the future, mediums have to work together on the platform as a unit. This illumination would be the first step to bring the mediums into the right frequency and energy, to build up this illumination, so spirit could make a voice box and use this in demonstrations, as they were frustrated with the mistranslation of so many mediums. There are many who do not understand how this works. There is an important distinction between mediums and psychics through the messages they bring from spirit. The message spirit wish to bring into the world has become misinterpreted badly and not scientific and evidential.
I now appeal to all that may read this article, whether members of the Fellowship or not; are any of you experiencing this illumination?

I wonder, has anybody seen this same illumination in their physical development circle and has an-yone got an explanation why it is that spirit con-stantly tell us that we have to go towards the light? As a passionate seeker of new ways to bring the two worlds together, I urge you to get in touch with me through the Fellowship so that we can share our experiences of a possible new way forward.

I have heard these words “towards the light” from other physical mediums and that they have been told by spirit they have to sit and develop towards the light…
We must remember in the past, all the physical mediums sat for tests in the dark, arms strapped to the chair, mouths sealed, gagged in every way and still this did not convince the researchers. Because the séances were held in the dark, investigators constantly said this could be fraudulent and mediums, in their opinion, did not give a demonstration perfectly; A hair out of place, a button not the way it was before they started, a tape across the mouth that had moved; spirit was saying we have to find another way to secure our mediums safety during these experiments.

As I have already mentioned, we have always been told we have to move towards the light, just as the old Nordic circle had shown and may be what spirit wish to change for the future; away from the dark and into the light.

I know that many circles are working underground and will not let investigators in, as they are not prepared to sit under the barbaric conditions that investigators demand and who can blame them?
Is it not possible to ask those who sit, if they have been given any instructions on this matter, or if it is possible when séance and circles take place if we cannot ask these questions. This doesn’t make sense!!!
I hope that we can all, inside and outside the Fellowship, talk and exchange views on this very important matter, both as earthbound spirits and spirit communicators from the other side, so we can shed some light on this important matter.



Looking back to my birth place in Denmark I remember my Norwegian Mother telling me many stories about Psychical mediumship. In my childhood in Denmark stories were told but perhaps not really understood by me until I became involved in my own work as a physical medium since moving to London in 1969. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to study Physical mediumship and been involved in this understanding through my own Physical circle and experiences through my life. The Norwegian side of my family was those who experienced many phenomena such as voice phenomena, apports and materialisations. These stories have been told and accepted by my family. Phenomena involving all aspect of spirit have existed for generations.
The phenomena were not in the dark or in locked rooms, but in the light in the middle of the day and in daylight. This phenomenon was apports; materialisations and voice phenomena. Often were apported objects flying through the air, and voices were heard. This was something that people just took for granted; there was no song or dance about this happening. We also had other phenomena; these were called Blood Stoppers, who were shamanic-healers who could stop all bleeding if an accident had taken place, they would use some rituals, spirits and words. This was lifesaving, for many people living on the land in remote places in the north part of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

This knowledge was handed down from generation to generation as part of life. This same phenomenon happens now, as I was informed of when I recently worked in Greenland and Iceland amongst the Greenlandic Eskimos. The phenomena happen in the open in nature, not in darkened rooms. People would tell me the most interesting stories about the old generations, of Eskimos talking about its power as the English talk about the weather. These phenomena have a long history with drum dancers and trance mediums.
The Nordic countries are often associated with Danish butter, Norwegians fjords, cold climates and mountains, fishing, IKEA. Our history is long, and we have a much deeper background in mediumship or rather Physical phenomena. In the past we have had some of the best-tested mediums, and the most interesting photographs. Sven Türck researched and filmed this phenomena over many years, he also tested mediums and the phenomena that he captured in over 500 of these pictures, some of which ended up in universities and other were displayed in his book “jeg var dus med dus med Anderne” (I was friend with spirit)…?
The study and research into these phenomena was taken very seriously, he took his time to study his work. These mediums had the ability to levitate in the air, also moving and levitating a big heavy table, at the same time levitating a whole Tea service around the room. Mediums who sat in his circle often found their chairs dancing whilst they were seated on them. They were walking around in the studio from the room in to the hallway and back again, the mediums could not get out of the chair. Most of this phenomenon is printed in his book published in 1940, and I have some on my website www.mariondampier¬ following on that I found a distant relative who has some very interesting pictures and letters of his work. Materialisation was not rare in the old days in the Nordic countries. Many mediums took their work around Scandinavia, but this became a disaster for the mediums. In the end they came across the establishment and the religious and the materialist who destroyed their work. We have materialists today but they call them self-skeptical.

Like Helen Duncan, one Danish Medium, Einer Nielsen, ended up in prison for the crime of being a Physical medium.
Mr Türck often relied on a medium called Anna Melloni Rasmussen, she did not need to be in his studio where his experiment took place, he would phone her as she lived two kilometers away from the studio and would ask Anna to send spirit to do rapping’s in the studio. The rapping’s were so loud that people would complain in the flats next door as they thought that Mr Türck was hammering on the wall. She could get tables to levitate and many other things, while on the telephone. She also had a rare gift, spirit could knock on her bones, everybody who was close to her could hear the rapping’s. The raps happened all over her body, some so violent that she was in pain. Anna had a wonderful gift.
One day a window cleaner came to Anna´s home to do his job. He did not believe in any of these things, but had the shock of his life while cleaning Anna’s windows. Anna had just left the room when suddenly a sofa lifted in the air, flew over the coffee table followed by two armchairs gliding around the room and switched places with the sofa and then in through the open window the window cleaner was dragged and placed in an armchair and there Anna found him in shock (not to say he never came cleaning Anna’s windows again) Anna Melloni Rasmussen was tested many times by Harry Price who said she was one of the best mediums he had tested under strict control.

Mr Türcks’ pictures were taken in infrared light so all and everybody who was present could see this phenomena. A film was made of mediums flying through the air and tables and other experiments. It was shown to people in Denmark and talked about in newspapers and magazines. It caused quite a sensation, but the film suddenly vanished and was never found, and as the story is told it was sold to a university in America, but was never seen again.
I do feel depressed that in today society we seem to have no more interest in promoting this wonderful work even within the spiritualist movement. Physical mediumship should be the front-runner in paranormal investigation.
Some of our unions just close their mind and ignore this or are too frightened to research and promote the safe practice of physical mediumship happening today. Psychical mediums should be promoted and their mediumship taken seriously. We must protect our own mediums and their work; we should be the front-runners for proving life after death. All we have to do is tell – and keep telling the truth. Truth comes from freedom of expression, freedom of thought and ultimately an education that enables young minds to explore philosophy, morality and ethics of the word of spirits.

If we don’t go forward in this teaching and reaching people we are a lost, because for spirit it is important to get out there, be involved, so that not just a chosen few get to know this great truth, but for all the people of the world.
Phenomena exist in all nations and in all countries but we in England have a head start, we are in front of other countries, we have large organisation and people who believe in and study this mediums. We have the knowledge and a certain freedom to explore these phenomena and we have many spiritualist churches. In Denmark, we have two and in Norway one (I recently opened this first church in Norway, the first in Norway’s history) and one in Sweden. I have helped make Nordic people aware of and brought spiritualism and the phenomena back to the Nordic countries, out in to the open with the help by my three best selling books, “Stemmer fra en anden verden” (Voices from another world), “Mit liv med ånderne” (My life with spirit), “Mellem to verdener” (Between two worlds). All three books are in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic and are unfortunately not yet available in English.

My journey to help bring back spiritualism and the natural phenomenon to the Nordic countries once again, begun when I sat in a psychical Circle in London, where Einer Nielsen made his first contact, and told me that I had important work to do back in the Nordic countries. He told me to open the doors, bring in the understanding and the history about the important work that took place in spiritualism so long ago in the Nordic countries.
This I have tried to do, trying to open peoples minds, informing them about the older generation, about the pioneers we had and how important their contribution, their work for spirit was for the physical mediumship of today. My work and the continued work of our own Physical circle in South London and hopefully along with other like-minded passionate people from the Zerdin Fellowship, will push and shove and push and push some more, until we are heard through the phenomena, our mediums will present and from the truths, our voices will speak, a truth for all countries, in addition, all people.